Location Library, Scouting & Management


ItascaLocations.com – the Film Location Library of Itasca Films

Itasca has over 30 years’ experience in scouting and facilitating locations for feature films, TV commercials and music videos, and of producing events and photographic shoots. We understand and can interpret scripts, often providing a fresh pair of eyes to a tricky location issues.

We will also try to help and advise Film Students where possible.

Location Library

Unusually for a production house, Itasca Films has it’s own Film Location Library – www.itascalocations.com

Our Library has coverage across Castes, Stately homes and Manors to stunning London skyline executive penthouses, derelict and distresses properties, industrial, rural, coastline landscapes and more suburban semi-detached or inner-city terraces. A selection of backdrops from open windswept moorlands to high rise cityscapes. Our library is available online 24/7 so feel free to take a browse.

It features international and national locations, fully categorised and searchable, inside and outside of the M25 and right across the UK.


Location Scouting

Itasca Locations can provide a location scouting service by some of the best UK Location Scouts, for that unique never been shot before hard to find special location.

Location Management

Itasca Locations can provide highly experienced on-site location management and shoot organisation services.