Film Investment Due Diligence

Film Investment Due Diligence

Investing in UK films is high risk Vs high reward. How can you mitigate that high risk? Do Film Investment Due Diligence.



The Film Investor’s Due Diligence Service – is it a good film, a good cast, director, investment?


Film Investment Due Diligence.The layers and accountants can validate and mitigate the financials risks but how do you know if it’s going to be a good and commercially viable film? This is the territory of film industry professionals not lawyers and accountants.

That is where Itasca Films, as a film maker can help with due diligence in regard of the Film Makers Art.

Making a film, like any manufacturing process, is a series of actions, requiring resources working to a plan to set budgets and timescales. The manufacturer needs to ensure they have all of the actions covered off, appropriate resources, an agreed and workable plan to meet the agreed time frame and budget, together with insurances against things that can go wrong. There are no short cuts to a good process.

You, as an investor, need to recognize someone in the organization who is going to bring the project to fruition, a rainmaker. No point having a great idea that never happens. They then hire experienced subject matter experts to look after the details and make each stage happen, while the rainmaker monitors the checks and balances to manage the operational risk of the process.

This applies to the film making process as much as it does to making baked beans, with perhaps a bit more creativity and individuality. All the more important to put controls and insurances in place around those ‘bespoke specials’. You only get once chance to get a ‘one off’ right.

There are clear and well understood stages to making films:-Find an Idea!

Secure it!

Fund it!

Make it!

Sell it!

Film Investment Due Diligence.

If you have or are thinking about investing in a UK Film so some Film Investment Due Diligence. Get a second opinion as to whether or not the Film Production company has covered all the bases, then please call us at Itasca Films and we will provide an independent analysis and appraisal of the production company process, from an investors perspective.

Issues like topic, timing, cast and crew are all issues that can reduce your risks as well as basic checks that the necessary paperwork has been completed and approval obtained with the likes of the British Board of Censors so that the Film can be shown in UK cinemas.

Timing and being able to schedule your film launches can be crucial to your film’s success. It would be silly for your investment to be jeopardized by silly oversights.

“Asking good questions is productive, positive, creative, and can get us what we want”.

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