Drone Camera Hire – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Drone Camera Hire – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is a very cost effective and spectacular way to enhance your material. Get unparalleled views and angles without the expense of hiring planes or helicopters


Applications – Drone Camera Hire
AERIAL Photography/Filming

This is where it all began – taking a camera and strapping it to some form of aerial device immediately provides a way of viewing objects and people from a different and often exciting perspective. However, this type of filming in the past has required the use of aircraft, helicopters, cranes, masts and other such equipment to provide a camera platform. These solutions have often made this type of photography expensive and more to the point restrictive in application. Now the modern day UAV provides a totally independent platform for aerial photography allowing for creativity to be only limited by the scope of imagination available.

With the capability of carrying an extensive range of industry standard cameras, Titan UAV can be quickly set up and ready to undertake projects in still or film formats. Using the latest wireless connections the captured image can be directly transmitted to our on-site control vehicle and displayed in real time on full HD monitors. This enables the Director, DOP, Producers etc. to view the live footage being captured by the camera in order to direct for onward transmission or retain for later review.

In the skilled hands of Titan personnel the UAV film platform is a formidable tool and typically our services are being called upon in the following sectors;



Creative aerial cinema photography
Location library display


Prestige houses, apartments and developments
Offices, retail developments and industrial sites
Farms, estates and woodland


Classic and prestige cars
Luxury boats
Horses and livestock
Plant & machinery


Buildings / Construction
Pre/Post Work


Sports events and venues, tracks, courses, tours.
Exhibition & trade fairs
Music & arts festivals
Agricultural shows.


Motor vehicles
Products & Services
Leisure, accommodation, holidays, travel, cruises


Product application and maintenance

Drone Camera Hire

Drones for heavyweight terrain cameras.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [UAV’s] have been around in the military marketplace for a number of years – some might argue back to WW2. However, in the last decade with an increasing momentum many innovative enterprises on a worldwide basis have begun to transfer the technology to civilian applications. This breakthrough has been assisted by an increasing sophistication in electronics technology, the use of advanced materials and the growing realisation of the potential opportunities for civilian/recreational UAV’s.

It is now viable for the civilian sector to exploit the commercial potential of UAV’s particularly in terms of design, safety and application. There are already a plethora of UAV devices available on the market ranging from cheap toys, through hobbyist machines and on to the more advanced UAV’s that are being designed and built for an expanding range of commercial applications. Whilst the lower end of the marketplace will no doubt satisfy those who wish to have a relatively inexpensive UAV for amusement or leisure.

It is the higher specification UAV’s with their sophisticated use of electronics, advanced materials and ultimate flying capabilities that will serve to open new opportunities for business advancement. Already, governments, industry experts and the wider marketplace are heralding the practical application of using functional flying platforms as a technological breakthrough. One that will like the availability of mobile communications become a life style game changer.divider-gray2


Titan UAV was founded by Managing Director Ben Hoskins. Interested in entertainment management from an early age he became increasingly involved with the creative and technical demands of production in the fields of music, film and video production. A BA (Hons) degree in Contemporary Music Management was followed by a highly successful seven year stint managing a leading outdoor events company.

With the event market in tatters due to the impact of the economic recession Ben found alternative employment in the hazardous field of specialist pipeline inspection and construction. Here he became skilled in the application of robotics used on large industrial complexes, nuclear power stations and major transport systems. More lately he has been project managing the establishment and development of a new special effects film studio in Hampshire. Once operational he became Studio Manager responsible for every aspect of fulfilling the needs of the Production Companies using the facilities. His CV includes his valuable contributions to major films and TV productions as well as numerous documentaries, music videos and advertising commercials. He has also directed stage productions and promoted music events. Ben is now the driving force behind Titan UAV and he has an expanding team of high end individuals who together are working towards making Titan UAV a market leader in the UAV market.

Always seeking to give clients maximum benefits Titan UAV have teamed up with our good friends from Itasca Media Group Ltd (Itasca) in order to offer exceptional service to the film and media industry.


Under the leadership of Malcolm Walker, Producer, Director and CEO Itasca has over many years earned its enviable reputation for its comprehensive services to the film industry. Malcolm’s vision has enabled Itasca to produce films of the highest standards and in the course of this achievement the company has attracted to its ranks a team of like-minded individuals who themselves are ambitious dedicated filmmakers. The Itasca Media Group includes Itasca Films, Itasca Locations – one of Europe’s largest location libraries, Itasca Creative and Extra People Ltd all adding value to those companies wishing to deal with a one stop shop to fulfil their creative needs

By working together and using our collective skills Titan UAV and Itasca are able to cover all aspects of film making in house. Complete with a comprehensive range of our own cameras and a state of the art editing suite we are able to produce work of the highest quality at very competitive rates.

So with all these advanced resources at our disposal Titan UAV is looking forward to demonstrating just what your organisation can now achieve in terms of new business perspectives. With our ability to offer a wide range of equipment from high end still and film cameras to the more specialist offerings of thermal imaging, LIDAR and air sampling equipment, there are an endless number of possibilities where Titan UAV will be able to assist you in your project.



  • A company with an Industry pedigree
  • Creative approach to aerial filming and photography
  • Our equipment is adaptable to a wide range of commercial applications
  • Approved operator holding CAA Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW)
  • Qualified Pilots with BNUC-S certification
  • Employ the highest standards in safety and operation
  • Fully Insured with £5 million Public Liability cover
  • Comprehensively equipped on site crew vehicles
  • Wide range of cameras up to 4k and other data gathering equipment available
  • Ground image feeds in real time
  • Full editing and post production services
  • Active working collaboration with Itasca Films for complete production facilities