Raising Investment for UK Films

Raising Investment for UK Films

Raising Investment for UK Films. The UK Film Industry contribute £4.6Bn annually to the UK GDP and £1.6Bn to the Exchequer. Film is the UK’s shop window to the world

Raising Investment for UK FilmsRaising Investment will be the hardest part of making any film. It’s a complex, time consuming and lengthy process but necessary to raise the money to make and sell your film. Even then 80% of the revenues will be swallowed by the sales, distribution and exhibition function, so you are left with 20% that will be shred between the investors, producers and stars or any other bonus related payees.

You really need top be sure you really want to go through this process.Loosely :-

  • 55% of film finance comes from Government grants and subsidies
  • 15% from post and pre-sales deals
  • 30% from private equity, i.e. wealthy individuals.

So lots of government & HMRC forms to fill in for the grants and subsidies, tough negotiations for post and pre-sales deals, and plenty of expensive legal and accounting fees to pitch to the High Net Worth individuals. These days every investment schemes are subject to regulatory oversight and approval subject to onerous submission conditions and criteria.

Itasca Films have been through the process many times and know the process. We know how to fill the forms in to be accepted and we have contacts, relationships and partners who can do the deals.

  • uk-film-tax-relief – Before anything else you need to be classed as a UK film. To qualify you need to pass the Cultural Test.
  • There are also other international government subsides available – Usually a certain percentage or spend on your filming needs to be in their country to qualify.
  • HMRC’s EIS & SEIS schemes  are government initiatives offering Tax relief benefit – Itasca Films know the process and how to fill the forms in to be accepted.
  • Post-Prodution deals – Often post-production companies will invest in films to get the work
  • Pre-sales – Sales agents provide estimates of projected returns and may provide pre-payments.

Itasca can help but it’s a time consuming and expensive process so fees apply.

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