Jeremy Azis




For over 20 years Producer Jeremy Azis has been wrangling cabbages and cows on the Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams video in 1985, to making cinema commercials for Duke of Endinburgh Awards, to production of he biggest selling music DVDs of 2012 and the top-selling concert film of the past decade.

Through live ‘live;’ major event broadcasting , network TV series, retailers DVD, TV and cinemas commercials, dram-documentary and live streaming media distribution Jeremy’s work has been seen by a global audience of more than 400 million.

With more than 350 projects under his belt, Jeremy has been involved with budgets totaling over £20 million while the results of his work have generated more than £125 million in worldwide sales and advertising revenue.

In a career spanning three decades Jeremy has gained unique insights and experience of the vital processes involved in multimedia creativity and it’s manifestation. He recently completed filming the Dubai World Cup opening ceremony, shown in over 50 countries, followed by a 27 camera shoot of Jennifer Lopez in concert, as well as Aerosmith in concert.

Jeremy joined Itasca films in 2013 to indulge his passion for feature films. As a producer/director, Jeremy is a major contribution to the forces driving Itasca Films.